Final Fantasy XIV 4.56 Update Adds More Quests, Coming March 26

  • Details on the upcoming 4.56 patch for Final Fantasy XIV are already released, focusing on the  modern upcoming quest.The expansion brings along with it the ranged DPS job, the classic “Red Mage.” Utilizing rapiers and magic-bound crystal abilities, the position uses a blend of FFXIV Gil red, black, and white magic – alongside the aforementioned melee rapier attacks. Players can begin using the Red Mage at level 50, also it’s not related to a class of any type.

    The continuation of “A Requiem for Heroes” will probably be included, in addition to “Even Further Hildibrand Adventures” along with the Beast Tribe Quests to the Stormblood expansion.

    With their negotiations in tatters, the Eorzean Alliance must shore up its defenses because Empire brings might to Final Fantasy XIV Gil bear about the Ala Mhigan border. In a bid to tip the scales, the Warrior of Light rushes to participate in the fray, and the many while a mysterious voice beckons… Can Eorzea’s champion resist the letter, or will this otherwordly requiem claim its final victim?