A Look at Final Fantasy XIV 3

  • Why did Urianger call Y’shtola Master Matoya?!? Minfilia had glowing eyes together a child’s body.  What is taking place, we'd like answers!

    Shadowbringers is slated for any July 2nd release date.  That offers us a solid 11 weeks to get ready.  In the Final Fantasy XIV Gil following installment of The Eorzea Prospect, we're going to explore the different ways to help gear yourself as much as be prepared for anything the event throws at you.  Hope you’ll join us again by 50 % weeks!

    As it was the first edition of the column, and since I happen to have an additional key here, I will be offering a starter edition copy of Final Fantasy XIV.  The starter edition is the base game, nevertheless it comes with 1 month of game time.  This is a great chance to try the sport out without worrying about limitations from the trial to honestly get a feet wet with FFXIV.