Monster Hunter's Rathalos is coming to Final Fantasy 14 in Au

  • Square Enix has says Monster Hunter World is going to be infiltrating Final Fantasy 14 on August 7th, as part of that collaboration event with Capcom.

    Once Final Fantasy 14's new 4.36 update arrives, Final Fantasy 14 players could have the possible opportunity to Buy FFXIV Gil test their mettle resistant to the Monster Hunter series' iconic Rathalos in the new quest called The Great Hunt. This will also come in two variants: the typical challenge, for as much as eight players, and Extreme, for just a party of four years old.
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    The crossover event also brings many themed rewards inside form of any new Rathalos armour set and mount, Palico and Poogie minions, plus a BBQ Spit furnishing. However, there are many prerequisites: so as to Final Fantasy XIV Gil access the revolutionary content, Final Fantasy 14 players requires have reached level 70 and completed the key scenario from the game's Stormblood expansion.