Review: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Patch 2.5) 3

  • Square Enix has interestingly mixed in the Trial together with the story on FFXIV Gil top on the traditional "new" dungeon, that's a thrill by itself. I usually find myself playing the story only to get for the other items of content, but these times I enjoyed the journey equally as much.

    One in the biggest content additions may be the Odin fight, which mirrors the encounter for the recent Fan Fest events across the planet. He's not an Extreme fight, nor is he "easy," and players will have a very really awkward time with him for the recommended item level, mostly because he includes a hard damage-per-second check at 15% or seven minutes in (whichever comes first) that could cause you to wipe if you do not do enough damage.

    Odin goes on within a rather boring circular arena inside forest, and fighting him mostly involves a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Gil dodging in addition to your very intensive heal check, since there's a lot of bleed effects afoot through the fight. It's fun to finally have the ability to fight Odin as you desire rather than chancing it which has a random world event, but that initial awe and wonder wears off when you realize how simplistic the battle is. I've never wanted an Extreme mode badly.