Path of Exile Private Leagues Coming Next Week, Designed for E

  • Grinding Gear Games have previously announced that Path of Exile, its unengaged to play action RPG, are going to be coming to PS4. The game will likely see its largest expansion this coming year with update 3.5.0, before that submissions are announced, the developer has something different in POE Currency store: Private Leagues. Coming in the near future and purchasable by players, Private Leagues allow you to modify the experience your leisure.

    This is done by having League Difficulty Mods, which could adjust player resistances, eliminate stashes entirely, increase monster damage/life/speed, and in some cases prevent players from selling and buying items in towns. There’s also a Famine League, which prevents your lifestyle, mana, energy shield, and flasks from refilling when about to town. Mods can’t be changed any time a league begins so remember that.

    Azurite located inside mine can often upgrade the Crawler, flare capacity, plus much more to help venture deeper into your mine. Expect to find out different varieties of biomes too, with unique enemies and bosses throughout, a variety of them being essentially “lost cities” from Wraeclast’s past.

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