Final Fantasy XIV Gets Flying Mounts in Heavensward Expansion 3

  • An incredible soundtrack and also a decent micro-narrative are also a definite plus, making this the top 24-person attempt yet. The whole idea of an mid-grade experience that I can jump into anytime calls for me when my static isn't open to go for parse runs (read: high-score attack) in FFXIV Gil Omega Savage. One criticism I do have is at the macro-level -- the raid roulette, which shuffles all 24-person raids over and above Ivalice, provides extremely poor rewards and possesses no incentive whatsoever.

    Speaking of raid-level content, Shinryu EX, a remake on the last boss fight from Stormblood's story, can be another fun, challenging, and finely-tuned battle. The difficulty is supposed hitting right around V2S and V3S, which I feel is surely an accurate take on the development team. Shinryu is merely an awe-inspiring setpiece that you would show off in your non MMO-playing friends, plus the constant shifting of mechanics can keep you on your toes. It has a few surprises too, just like a really interesting bit where you must efficiently heal enemy mobs.

    Shinryu is probably not as Final Fantasy XIV Gil recognizable as say, Ifrit or Shiva, but determined by his FFXIV incarnation, he's more memorable than most in the mainstay summons/primals/espers/eidolons.