A large amount of players participate in them

  • A large amount of players participate in them, but that is just a natural result of obtaining content people can engage with minimal actual investment. Jump in, hit a button to have an AoE to get a while, jump out.One on the things that this game is struggling with for the while is choosing a way to obtain repeatable content which doesn't get obnoxious, nevertheless the most recent few events all have relied rather heavily on expecting spawns and FF14 Gil after that jumping in over a massive crush of players spamming abilities. I much like the event in concept, but also in practice it right away goes from being interesting to repetitive, along with the downside is seasonal events would be the perfect the perfect time to experiment with new methods for doing repeated content.
    We don't must just fall back in the same traps over and over; in case a seasonal approach does not work, it doesn't need to be brought back.It's somewhat disheartening. Not massively so, nevertheless it kind of stings that this event finally ends up hitting an off-key note instead of a positive one, despite some really nifty emotes and worldbuilding. I am glad it isn't really just another year of swimsuits, though.Dungeon miningBased on Final Fantasy 14 Gil the pattern in the past few patches, it's pretty very easy to guess that individuals'll be heading into Snowcloak in patch 3.4 and into your Keeper from the Lake in patch 3.5. All from the Heavensward hard modes have already been based upon the amount 50 new dungeons to date, so there's valid reason to expect how the pattern will hold.