Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.4 in review

  • Play Final Fantasy XIVWe're for the penultimate patch of the event (no, that isn't official, but let's be real) and Final Fantasy XIV fans have were built with a whole week to try out around along with it. How would it stack up?Well... that's a fascinating topic. And it style of merits a discussion by what's been done differently on this expansion cycle regarding storytelling. While each.x series ostensibly told a continuing story straight through until the conclusion, 3.x quite happily ended the tale of Heavensward with 3.3. Sure, there's more stuff to accomplish, but there was clearly no ambiguity around the fact how the war was over and there we were moving on to other issues.
    The bright side is always that the result is usually FFXIV Gil a story that flows quite naturally and doesn't ought to share screen time with setting up the subsequent expansion. The only problem here, however, is the fact the story has... some issues. That's?type of a throughput for your patch on the whole. For the record, even though this post can have some spoilers, I'll keep anything major hidden behind spoiler tags, so it needs to be relatively safe to learn through; fairly warned be ye.The MSQ plus the aborted arcThe MSQ must segue us into your next expansion now, understanding that means mentioning stuff that we previously had left to at least one side.
    Unfortunately, which also means which the story commits one with the same sins how the original expansion story committed, solving an important problem by pretty much pretending so it never happened. There are two big lingering plot points addressed with Buy FFXIV Gil this patch, and both ones are resolved at blink-and-you'll-miss-it pace to tidy inside the stage.Good stuff first: Alisaie's return towards the MSQ proper is incredibly welcome, plus it also sort of underscores an atmosphere I've long had that she's more interesting than her brother certainly. While Alphinaud's character arc continues to be solid, Alisaie comes to the scene having a very calm and level personality that I enjoy immensely.