On another hand, there is a Empire, an unambiguously antagonist

  • On another hand, there is a Empire, an unambiguously antagonistic organization... but it really's quite entirely possible that Zenos yae Galvus governs fairly and is also well-liked because of the people, and hubby wouldn't must work hard being better than a final ruler. Is deposing the ruler really the good thing here?
    Also worth noting may be the name: Zenos yae Galvus signifies that he's inside the line of succession, and it also means that there are more on the politics here than merely dealing with a fresh Legatus. It is achievable, while not likely, that organic beef wind up FFXIV Gil finding ourselves coming from a rock plus a hard place; I is able to see precedent for Zenos declaring Ala Mhigo independent in the Empire, forcing us to truly help him whether or not we don't wish to do so.So that assuaged my main worry, that this could well be a straightforward case of "good guys go beat in the bad guys." In Heavensward, we were required to deal while using fact that beating within the bad guys wasn't enough to truly fix the matter; now, it's actually not even clear who's bad, just whom we're towards.
    We've learned about our first new position, too; technically it is a mystery, but wearing a Scarlet Witch shirt 's no more subtle than wearing a Batman shirt to announce Dark Knight. The question, obviously, is exactly what role Red Mage will slot into. I wrote Buy FFXIV Gil this morning that I can have preferred Square just tell us around the job outright, but here were. And yes, it's going to possess a specific role; the experience is not likely to unwrite that for just one job.Realistically, RDM tank isn't likely to happen. While red mages normally have acceptable armor, it's generally more tilted toward the mage side compared to the heavy physical resistance side; at best, their armor choices usually on-par with melee fighters.