That just doesn't happen

  • That just doesn't happen. I don't care that theoretically we need to all be killed instantly when fighting him on account of Level 5 Death, I'm just happy we get to face off against one in the franchise's weirder bosses in a appropriate setting. Once I saw that, my excitement because of this particular capstone increased significantly.From a narrative standpoint, it seems like like additional bosses for being fought are pretty straightforward, as we have the Queen herself together with FFXIV Gil Ferdiad and Diabolos caught. Not fighting among those feels as being a loss. It's not which the latter two voidsent happen to be given a whole lot of characterization, needless to say; it's just that people've fought them before and both implied that this became a temporary setback, so a final showdown seems narratively appropriate.
    Even when the odds of your Diabolos-egi are pretty low (look, it worked in Final Fantasy XI).Of course, because this is the final raid within the series doesn't show that everything is going to be tied up inside a neat little package on the end on Buy FFXIV Gil the day. It's entirely possible that people'll find things still not wholly resolved following fact... I can write a convincing story myself where Diabolos is destroyed and Scathach appears being destroyed too, but Ferdiad as well as a much-diminished Scatchach head off in to the yonder confirmed another amount of recurring antagonism. Look, we've dealt with a whole lot of repeated antagonists on this expansion, we need some more running around at this time.