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  • DE: As a Sarlacc enforcer, the most significant emotional drive is the place your good employer tastes. There's no way, for example, that you are going to work for any droid. If the deal goes bad plus you've got to devour everyone involved, you've gained merely indigestion. Gammorean contacts, however, always go to your front on the line and they are encouraged to discuss terms while wearing any of your SWTOR Credits number of delicious basting sauces.    
    GS: We also understand which the enforcer class is an effective combatant, with your damaging abilities as "super death ray," "ambush," and fearsome damage-over-time skills like "digest" and "regurgitate." Give us a sense from the profession's role in combat. How will these kinds contribute to a bunch in battle?     
    DS: Well, this is really a stealth class, therefore, the soloing experience in the Sarlacc enforcer is going for being a little slow. [This character] spends many time slowly sneaking into position before unleashing potent close-ranged attacks, for Star Wars the Old Republic Credits instance "devour." But once exposed, the enforcer heavily utilizes companion characters to lure enemies close, so he/it can unleash his/its close-ranged attacks. However, the enforcer shines in an organization, particularly if paired that has a Jedi consular that may knock enemies toward him. At this point, the Sarlacc enforcer are able to use his/its powerful suite of damage-over-time abilities, like "digest" and "regurgitate."