A brutal war ensued

  • A brutal war ensued, which saw the Sith's elite armies conquer lots of worlds from the Outer Rim and sack the Republic's capital planet Coruscant. Pacifist factions in the Republic forced the signing of an treaty, leading to SWTOR Credits Buy some fragile peace over the galaxy. Those same factions blamed the Jedi with the Republic's drubbing through the Sith, forcing the relocation from the decimated Jedi Council from Coruscant to Tython, the Jedi's homeworld.     
    As the overall game begins, the interstellar Cold War is thawing, and players will discover themselves at ground zero as a fresh conflict sets out to flare up. "Players get to return in and go ahead and take roles of heroes--or villains--only at that pivotal moment where we're commencing to go back in a big galactic war," promised Erickson.     
    Korriban, the ancestral Sith world, isn't so welcoming.      
    Like other MMOs, The Old Republic should SWTOR Credits for sale have two factions--the Galactic Republic along with the Sith Empire. Though led by respectively benevolent and malevolent leaders, the 2 main sides are going to be home to characters of morally varying stripes. "There's a lot a lot more people than Sith and Jedi inside the Empire as well as the Republic, so one on the things that became vital that you us is that individuals separate the thought of faction and good and evil," said Erickson.