Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough

  • Getting Started: Basic info you should know about The Old Republic.  Galactic Republic Classes: Defend the galaxy and fight for peace throughout the ways from the Force.  Sith Empire Classes: Let your adoration for domination carry you to definitely victory.        
    What's New:    January 24, 2012: We've got a great deal of new datacrons for worlds including Tatooine and Alderaan.  January 10, 2012: We've added an area for Crew Skills that may help you identify the most effective set of skills SWTOR Credits Buy on your companions.  January 9, 2012: Confused about companions and gifts? We've added info companion combat roles, crew skills, and gifting to every single class page.  January 6, 2012: We're rolling out video walkthroughs in the hidden datacrons. Check out the entire world pages have a look at.  December 21, 2011: We are starting the guide with breakdowns for each and every class's role in combat as well as the basics with the numerous planets and starships within the galaxy.    *This guide is usually a work in progress and you will be updated frequently.           
     Getting Started    
    A Bioware developed MMO set inside the Star Wars SWTOR Credits for sale universe is usually a dream become a for sci-fi and gaming fans alike. Both entities offer an outstanding pedigree to make upon, and may also be the factor to introducing single player gamers in the world of MMOs.    

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