• In SWTOR, you may buy random item packs. Do I that way? No, I don’t like buying random anything. I wish to have control over that kind of thing. You can, however, also find the stuff in those random packs off on the auction house making them part of the collection, and SWTOR Credits Buy when you never desire to buy one you never ought to do so. So while it’s something I’m not excited about, it’s something else easily dealt with and it also does have tools to mitigate the randomness.
    In STO, lockboxes drop and also you have to purchase keys. I hate this considerably more than random boxes. I didn’t like buying random packs of Magic cards when I was into that game, but I could live by it; I qould have really disliked it if somebody had SWTOR Credits for sale given me magic cards and told me I ought to buy keys to have at this random pack of things. Making me buy keys costs you the advantage, STO, let that become a lesson to your account.