Path of Exile's new expansion, Fall of Oriath, is definitely li

  • Path of Exile's latest expansion, the Fall of Oriath, is officially in beta. Players can experience this expansion by collecting a "Oriath Support" entry-level pack containing 250 points, a forum title, a closed beta key for the Fall of Oriath expansion. It may also contain-
        An Extended Digital POE Currency Soundtrack about the expansion
        An Oriath Weapon effect
        An "Oriath Supporter" Social Frame
    Players which spend over $30, if they should support the game and company or even for more virtual goodies, will probably pay the many way up to $480.
    And you'll be able to bet someone pays a whole lot of.
    The Fall of Oriath may be a ten act expansion, and Buy POE Currency inside beta Acts one through seven can be obtained now. Acts Eight, Nine, and Ten comes later, as the full official release while using Fall of Oriath will likely be in mid-July. However, players it doesn't want to spend the money for $30 for immediate access may very well be selected randomly with the beta, which is whithin waves.