Star Wars: The Old Republic delays the release with the Yavin w

  • Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be capable to start taking part inside latest bit in the traitor storyline with all the release of patch 5.6 on November 28th. Here’s the unhealthy news, though: The patch won't include the brand new Yavin warfront. There are nevertheless some issues with SWTOR Credits all the new map, thus it’s getting delayed very slightly until patch 5.6.1 scheduled for December 12th.
    Everything else that’s planned for November 28th is still available; that has Legacy-wide credits, a character boost item to create a character to 70, a different flashpoint, a brand new boss in Gods From The Machine, and others things for Buy SWTOR Credits players to accomplish. (Also improvements to group finder queues, so that it’ll be easier to find other players to try and do things with.) You can even read new lore checking out the events leading up towards the next list of quests centered across the traitor story. You’ll just should wait a small amount longer for a different warzone, that’s all.