The developers track what variety of players on the faction try

  • The developers track what variety of players on the faction try it, and which are the Big Decision inside flashpoint is resolved as. Make the event itself an issue that is meant being repeated in-universe. Then, determined by which story choice and faction clear happens most often… that’s the direction from the story plot. So, for those who have an instance wherein a Hutt flotilla is raided because from the Republic more often along with SWTOR Credits US the Republic overall chooses to capture the Hutt weaponry, a next patch is developed when using the Hutt weapons from the hands with all the Republic as well as the Empire around the back foot.
    Obviously, this is a simple suggestion however, not a single magic pill strategy to the game. But it gets at one from the core issues the experience had, from launch until today. The developers never perceived to have any idea what players exist for, slotting people into very narrow fields and treating items like story and gameplay as entirely different experiences.
    So now we’re here, together using the developers refusing to even get for us a atlas for that game ahead as well as players trying and failing to feel some optimism of what comes next. And even inside event the developers did now take on the resource to SWTOR Credits EU genuinely lean in where could be through with storytelling, the ship is apparently have long since sailed.
    Hence, a pre-mortem. The game isn’t dead. I think it provides some switch the signal from recoup some players no less than bring its storytelling that has a satisfying conclusion. But it’s never captured that flare it had within the beginning, as well as the whole thing goes down just like a missed opportunity. Not just because of where it took inspiration, but the way it never seemed to realize what it actually had.