Additional notes

  • There is the one thing that I’d love to mention that I think BioWare is performing really well at this time of the overall game’s life. For the past 5yrs, the creators of the action, particularly the producers, have already been very tightlipped or SWTOR Credits US very scripted in the event it came to addressing the neighborhood. Recently, the experience producer switched hands again; this time around falling to Keith Kanneg. Although I cannot state that I agree with exactly what Kanneg is doing, I appreciate his candor and a higher level transparency. More than probably any single producer inside game’s history, Kanneg has directly addressed the community SWTOR Credits EU inside the forums, rather then making us count on second-hand information from your community manager.
    Those are my grades and my thoughts, these days it’s your turn. How well do you imagine SWTOR‘s doing this current year? Which grades should are already worse? Which grades should are already better? Let me know within the comments below.