Server merges

  • Lastly, I would love to comment that server merges usually are not an indication of a game title shutting down. It is definitely an indication — sometimes — of an population shrinking in size, but just the fact a game continues to be running for six years is surely an indication how the population for your game is shrinking in size.
    A game studio isn’t in denial in the event it combines servers; it knows the population for your game isn’t exactly what used to get. However, the producers aren’t gonna invest in the infrastructure of the sport servers as long as SWTOR Credits Buy they are just planning to shut everything down a short time later unless frequent lowering and raising servers is just a push on the button. And we learned in the server merges not too long ago that situations are a bit more tricky than that.
    No, the SWTOR developers have clearly been able to invest in some on the fundamentals of the sport stemming from art assets to server stability, which appears like an odd investment if your company is just gonna shut everything down a couple of months later anyway.
    Sure, it’s feasible that I’m inappropriate about this all. Maybe Kanneg is trolling us and EA will pull the funding for that game – certainly, unnamed source have said BioWare’s plans are “up within the air.” Maybe Kanneg doesn't have idea, and EA will pull the plug for the servers suddenly the people creating the sport. (I would 't be surprised if that’s operate eventually happens.) But given whatever we actually know regarding SWTOR Credits for sale the studio’s activities and decisions in 2017, a sunset from the near future just doesn’t seem likely.
    What are your opinions? Is there enough evidence to report that SWTOR goes into maintenance mode or have its plug pulled? Are we running to a case where many individuals don’t play the sport anymore so they accept is as true needs to become turned off? Let me know inside the comments.