Path of Exile updates fans within the state of Fall of Oriath’s

  • The sixth week of beta testing of Path of Exile’s next expansion is starting, as well as the good news is usually that the developers still aren’t planning any wipes for that beta. It’s humming right along, as well as the wave three patch is right about the corner. This patch brings changes for example the previously listed Pierce/Chance to Pierce shifts, in addition to several under-the-hood performance improvements that will help in POE Items the near future. Game balance generally speaking continues to get closely watched and addressed.
    More tasks are also being done on early tutorials also as the Labyrinth, containing fairly little time to become tested and therefore is something the team is very serious about hearing feedback on. The next wave of beta currently is slated to occur within 10-15 days, if you decide to’re bought doing the work to test the increase beta, you ought to get in there and provide some feedback eventually.

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