Exclusive First Details on Path of Exile's Upcoming Expansion

  • Even excellence may be improved. This is very much Path of Exile developer Grinding Gears Games' philosophy, a philosophy readily apparent not just from the aforementioned action role-playing game's overall quality, but within the clear zeal the Grinding Gear POE Exalted Orb leaders have because of their art. Each time I interact that has a member of Path of Exile's team, I'm struck through the breathless passion which talents like lead designer Chris Wilson can barely contain. It is with this particular same passion that Wilson recently described for me the upcoming Path of Exile expansion called Forsaken Masters, that could seek penance completely on August 20th.
    By enough time I swept up with Wilson they had already announced for the world Forsaken Masters' fundamental setup, but I had Wilson catch me up in their own words, though much information can be obtained already. "The core thing we're attempting to do with the increase," says Wilson, "is give a ton of main content for the main game world. The seven masters you encounter [in Forsaken Masters] are set up making sure that they their very own own unique missions you may do. We've announced two of which to our players; your third one is usually a Templar master called Elreon."

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