Wisdom of Nym: The system changes I'd like to see in Final Fan

  • We don't yet know everything we're going to learn at the Tokyo fan festival about Shadowbringers, but we can be reasonably confident that it will involve a minimum of stuff about the upcoming system changes to Final Fantasy XIV. The stated plan is to unveil all of those in May, and while we can't be entirely sure that sounds about right. We'll learn a bit about Gunbreaker and the as-yet-undisclosed additional job (or jobs), but we won't know all of the way role actions and job actions are changing.Play Final Fantasy XIVThat having been said, what we've been promised is an evolution from Stormblood rather than a revolution. But having said all of that, I can already think of some system changes that I'd like to see, even if many of them seem rather unlikely with the game's current design philosophy. So this isn't meant FFXIV Gil as a list of demands so much as a wish list. If we get a couple of the things on this list, I'll consider it a big win.More interesting materiaMateria, right now, is the one "customizing" element you have in a given job. Between a very small spread of options, you have your armor, and you have a pretty predictable number of slots to meld materia on to that armor. And you meld... more or less the same thing, 90% of the time.This isn't a problem of stats, exactly. The stats are a bit limited, but you always have four or five to juggle, and while your job may not care about a couple of them that's still a wide enough spread for the slots available.
    The problem is that's all materia does. There's no reason to worry about anything else, and while "just meld Direct Hit" is more of a meme than actual advice, it doesn't change the fact that there's nothing more interesting than that going on.It's quite Buy FFXIV Gil possible that this is all that materia is supposed to be, but I feel like it would be more interesting to have materia with a more abstract function. It'd be neat to have materia that was only obtainable in specific ways and offered things like on-hit effects or potential procs, things that don't upend the game's balance or design but allow for some customization in how you gear and play your particular job.This could also dovetail with the points below, of course. It'd be neat if, for example, finishing the Warrior job quests unlocked the Warrior materia that gave a Warrior-style effect; you could use it on any job and only meld one job-specific materia to your gear at once, so you aren't diminished with just one job leveled, but you also have options. But none of that is necessary.