Island of Lampedusa

  • Closer to Africa (138 kilometers) than Sicily (215 kilometers), the island flaunts a nature hold whose peak is contacted by the shoreline on the Island of Conigli (Rabbits) (6000 square meters, on the south bank of Lampedusa) where and bone-dry greenery, a fine white sand and perfectly clear ocean water are the favored domain of the caretta turtles, that lay their eggs between the lovely sand rises.

    It is the main Italian site where the bringing forth happens normally: it has from one to seven homes for each year.

    One of the incredible normal heavens of the world that appears to be a tropical island, where the magnificence of the scene converges with the plants and creatures.

    The Island of Lampedusa is made of limestone and has a scene with profound cuts, valleys from an antiquated stream organize that is never again dynamic: the Vallone Profondo (Deep), della Forbice (Scissors), dell'Acqua, Dragut and Terranova.

    The hold additionally incorporates the shoreline on the Isola dei Conigli together with the adjacent Isola dei Conigli.

    Topographically it has a place with the African mainland rack and, truth be told, a great part of the verdure starts from that landmass.

    Of specific note is the nearness of Algerian Psamodromo, additionally called the striped reptile. It is of African provenance and in all of Italy, it must be seen on the Island of Rabbits. It is even missing on the Island of Lampedusa and the Teastuggine di Hermann, has turned out to be uncommon throughout the only remaining century.

    There are numerous types of creepy crawlies, some which are endemic, similar to the Pamphagusortolaniae, a grasshopper denied of wings.

    Among the well evolved creatures is the mustiolo, the house mouse, the wild rabbit and the dark rodent. { Upiddu }

    Having a place with the Pelagie archipelago, its 300 sections of land still offer shelter to some substantial flying creatures of prey, for example, peregrine hawks and ruler birds of prey. The shag is likewise an extraordinary animal categories to Lampedusa. We point out your the nearness of Pinna nobilis, the biggest bivalve of the Mediterranean, which has turned out to be somewhat uncommon.

    What's more, the fish fauna is rich here, containing a decent 40 distinct animal varieties, including the gloomy grouper (Epinephelus marginatus), seen along the coastline of the Isola dei Conigli.

    It is conceivable to see numerous cetaceans, for example, dolphins, blade whales, sperm whales…

    The vegetation is portrayed by endemic species, uncommon declaration to the old connection to the African mainland, for example, the two North African species Carallumaeuropaea e Centaurea acaulis. Run of the mill of Mediterranean scene are the asphodel blossoms, that in old occasions were accepted to be blooms of the dead.


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