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  • I come from more of a turn based gaming legacy so I prefer things that don't demand too much twitch/precision cheap runescape gold aiming, but by using VATS and playing on "Casual" difficulty I do fine in Fallout and Mass Effect.searching for hidden bits and climbing on things just for fun. I like games that have lots of rewards for time spent leveling, sidequesting, etc., and where the monetary system is well balanced so you feel rewarded for your effort but it isn't so easy to get rich that you break the game.

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    Nonetheless, hacking, in fact, in the mid 1970's, originally meant, and still does mean, someone who is good at what he/she does, especially with computer stuff. That, is until, the mid 80's when there were a few bad apples who broke into computer companies for illegal purposes. These kinds of people are known as "crackers". From then on, the word "hacker" became a household bad, very bad word.

    But when you hear people say oh, I can hack into so and so system or I'm a computer hacker, that does not necessarily mean that he/she is a "bad" hacker. For example, every year, in October, I think, there is a HACKER CONVENTION, believe it or not, held in Las Vegas, where groups and groups of hackers (good people computer experts mingled with real bad hackers)convene and test out each other computer wits, test new security system, and/or to do simulations and computations.

    Now, for example, a famous hacking story about Apple's founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack who "hack" into the telephnone system in the mid 1970's to make free calls, ORHowever, the FBI will respond and take action to a "hacking" incident only when the damage is justified beyond $5,000.

    the even more famous hacking story when Mike Mitnick perhaps the all time most known and best hacker of his time, went on essentially a "hacking spree" for years evading the best mind of his time for 5 years or so in the early 1980's. but was eventually caught and penalized heavily in several ways like paying fines, staying away from all computer related and electronic stuff, needless to say.

    Very difficult hacking/virus problem [ 5 Answers ]Question Very difficult hacking/virus problem.My computer is suffering a lot of crashes etc, especially when on the internetThis is what happened. I received an e mail said to be from paypal saying that I had been registered etc. As that wasn't true I opened it to read it. That's.I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on the various hacking, boosting etc. threads that get started. Someone finds the site and posts, "How do I boost my rating in XYZ". Next thing we know Google has picked up this post and everyone searching for "XYZ boost" ends up here. Sure it.

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