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    I think that you're letting Newport Coast's cookie cutter, "generic upper end gated community" feel get in the way of your assessment of that community's wealth. The truth is, Newport Coast IS a wealthier place than Greenwich, Scarsdale, Palo Alto, etc. Don't get me wrong, I would choose a small home in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, or even San Clemente over a cookie cutter mansion in Newport Coast any day, but I must point out that on average,

    I have never cared that much for Newport, though parts of it are nice, because of the people. So many are so utterly pretentious and uptight, the ones without serious money, just a high HHI to make payments on a lifestyle. I found that some people in Irvine who make as much, or more, than contemporaries in Newport tend to have a more relaxed view on the world, and actually preferred Irvine when I lived between OC and the East Coast.

    is normal puppy behaviour not aggression. You just have to teach your puppy that it hurts and play time ends when they do it. It can be a process, especially because your puppy is probably teething or about to start soon. Make sure you have plenty of toys and chews for your puppy. It feels really bad doing it, however it did give me (and probably him) a moment to collect myself and plan the next steps of action.

    I just want other users to know that restricting your dogs movement by hand isn a recommended technique and I only used it out of fear of violence and attack from the dog.as I fairly sure you not going to be sticking legendary pets or equivalent MTX value items as first prize.The rest of your advice is amazing btw! Thanks a lot I give it a go. Also as another user asked, "is he sleeping", no,

    Newport Coast IS one of the wealthiest places in Southern California.Laguna has attracted an artistic community, which can be nice, and one does have a feeling of being away from it all. Laguna, however, makes me ill at ease, and I would be sure to evacuate during El Nino years when the rains start, since those houses do have a tendency to slide a bit. For the same reason, I would not invest long term in much of the Palisades and Malibu, since some areas just seem to be temporary paradise, but for the good days, it could be worth it.For my money, I'd continue south to SD County, Rancho Santa Fe area, though perhaps not the master plan itself, 92067 zip code, primarily because of the location and equestrian properties. I also like parts of the area surrounding San Juan Capistrano if one wants to stay in OC, especially given the conveniences of town, but Rancho Santa Fe is a first choice.

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