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    This isnt so much trouble with the boss as it is a question about a bug that occurs ocassionaly and what you do about it. For P4 everything can go well for me for dozens of kills but then randomly his bug happens sometimes. So this is regarding his weak anima bomb. Have you ever had it where he does his weak anima bomb and you want to res

    it so you put it on your shield once he is about to use it and then as soon as he releases it you activate resonance. Then all of a sudden after after releaseing it he does like 1 2 more autos effectively snipeing your resonance and killing you because you have no mote defensive abilities up. Do you know what the cause of this is?The majority of the teams are even solo baseing which alot of elitist teams calls noobish and make fun of the FC for.

    Was just wondering about my case. Just as a little bit of background. I ended up being told about this bug by a friend of mine who we ended up doing 2 kills with. He pmed me telling me that he found a way of makeing P4 easier. I wasnt aware of this bug and was struggling to get my first kill at the time so thought it might be cool to try out. He explained to me about how it worked and thought we might as well try.

    We ended up getting to p4 and titaning it down as he explained how to do it over discord. I got overally excited about getting my first kill and he said its an extremely cool method and we should continue so we ended up doing another kill like this. So overall we ended up doing 2 kills and after the hour we talked about it and discussed how this probably wouldnt stay in game much longer so should start practiceing the regular method anyways.

    Personally I think that if people dont want to pull their own weight they should just join one of the other FC that let you leech and then have a bunch of failed kills in the hour because of longer kills and people running out of food.Yes you can. My current issue with it is that I like to keep them all my presets in their respective locations so if I use one only ocassionally I can select it. But if I want to use it often such as and aod role or telos I have to dump them at the top. Then I do this a couple more times for individual presets and all my presets which I should be able to press on ocassion like my zilyana preset or an aod preset which I modify slightly for that combat style im useing I wont be able to remember which number it is so I cant just do ctrl+whatever number it is.

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