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    Easiest way is to load multiple pods individually, then launch them into enclosure. The other way is to create multiple individual zones that hold only shells, set low priority, and have the explosive bill deliver directly to each zone. Change the zone while the crafter hauls, and forbid each shell as they arrive..

    or promotes these services will be removed.No posts regarding account help.The /r/runescape moderators, and the JMods who browse this subreddit, cannot help you with account issues. This includes bans, mutes, locks, hacks, billing, and rollbacks. Instead of posting about it here, check here for the official methods of contacting Jagex to resolve these issues.

    People who think MTX will get forced on OSRS don seem to get that, in the eyes of Fukong, OSRS already has MTX and makes more than enough from it and subscriptions to offset its fairly meager overhead. The devs) are telling them that trying to implement more MTX would risk destabilizing their cash flow and devalue their product, they unlikely to risk a stable, money making investment (and thus upset their shareholders).

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    It hasn happened in 2 weeks now but the singles are daily. And I think eoc pvp is hard to get into due to stuns, how high combos hit, and having to keep track of antic/freedom etc. Theres a lot more to eoc pvp due to the combat system vs how osrs is.

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