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  • Yes. When you climb up you vulnerability the crystal for 10% extra damage. After you vulnerability it, your osrs gold character will be facing the crystal allowing you to surge right into it (surge is off global cooldown so you can throw a bleed in there before surging). After the surge, you are next to the crystal. You sun with your planted feet switch and drop your mines by spam clicking them.

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    Do you bring Dom mines? They very helpful and makes it so you can ignore the blobs. With Dom mines, you have plenty of time to kill a crystal before the first set of blobs can Uber heal. Vulnerability as you get up, surge into sun with planted feet and vigour. Spam click mines to drop 2. Adrenaline pot. Thresholds. If you understand the combat system and it abilities you can finish it without onslaught. Otherwise you can just threshold build to full and onslaught it down.

    Drink an adrenaline pot and just do a dps rotation. The mines gives a free 20k dmg with no loss of dps. You can also bring nips but they bug out sometimes.Put them into a buyable. Since you don have the experience to know which skills you hate. Either herblore, prayer, or summoning. They are all high xp/hr skills but require a lot of gp.

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    Those are pretty much required for high end bossing. So those skill levels plus 99 attack, strength, defence, magic, range, hp, high level invention are mandatory for high end bossing. You can kill some mid high tier bosses before these levels and make decent money.However, it still going to take months. Especially since you don know what you are doing so you can really do it efficiently. Research would be the best thing for you to do in your early days.Edit: do quests for early levels, all of them that you can manage to get done. This will bypass a lot of pointless Skilling. There is a level 3 to quest Cape guide floating around. I highly suggest you just follow that to the letter. Would be the most efficient thing for you to do right now.

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