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  • Took about a dozen texts and finally a phone call for the old woman to realize I wasn't her husband and I osrs 07 fire cape had found his phone. She lived nearby so we met at a Starbucks and I gave it back. It was awkward so I don't hold the fact she didn't even say thank you against her.

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    Though magic might be the style everybody calls overpowered for high level pvm, if you not engaging in that type of pvm, why should you focus on magic?Just like you, I also am more into ranged bosses like solo nex and rax, so I be getting the range prayer first, I suggest you get nox bow/ascensions first if those are the bosses you prefer/wanne get into! =)to_the_tenth_power 196 points submitted 7

    I don think it a matter of being stupid. I don think you were the only one. I do think when high end content like this is added to the game and the way it works is not in any way intuative or obvious then Jagex should communicate the steps to players upfront. 39 year old Leonard "Lenny" Dirickson and his 16 year old son Jared started their Saturday morning off typically as they ate breakfast together at Larry's dairy farm near Cheyenne, Oklahoma.

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