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  • You are able to decorate the interior with special items you obtain, ranging from storage, to mannequins, to buy runescape gold general decor.2.) You are able to design and upload your very own patterns and apply them in game to costumes something that is truly insane. You can run around looking like a Kingdom Hearts character or even Kratos from God of War.

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    Players are able to chain together various skills to make for some utterly destructive gameplay, just like in MapleStory.Likewise, boss monsters are large and take up quite a bit of space. They also have large attacks that are not only capable of hitting multiple players, but destroying the environment themselves, making for some at times, hilarious encounters.

    In MapleStory 2 you have the very same world, with familiar zones, familiar faces, and familiar environments. Albeit. altered to fit the period you're now playing in.It retains the same features adding some additional things such as destructible environments with players being able to cut down trees and knock over blocks, a la Minecraft.

    Objects obtained through the destruction of the terrain are even able to be used in combat, adding a new mechanic into the game.Disregarding combat, NPCs, and story for a moment players are able to participate in several other activities. These range from a myriad of mini games some of which will be created by other actual players using the in game editor, and player created dungeons.

    This will make for some exciting gameplay as you'll always have new content to explore and new experiences to have.Finally, one of the two things I'm most excited about, is:1.) The ability to have non instanced player housing. Players are capable of building their very own house block by block, again, just like Minecraft.

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