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  • I kind of disappointed that they deleting all discussion in the comments of the video. Right now there isn osrs 07 fire cape a single comment over 4 hours old on the video, and every single one that left basically says is 100% right, and has absolutely nothing to apologise for. Arin not going to reach out and try to open communication then delete people comments

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    AzuwrafthAll of GameGrumps (To an extent)Got my first 0 kills win that way. In the replay, the other person had 10 kills and played a hell of a game before meeting me. Was it a cheap win? Damn right it was, but if you get cocky, that happens.I strongly believe he a genuinely good guy. At the end of the day, it is still just a let play channel on YouTube.

    This is why I like rant grumps. I like the show, very much, I still watch it on a daily basis as I been for years, and honestly, I don get all the negative feedback. Everytime I see a community on reddit pissed off about X thing they like, it always blown out of proportion, like for instance, many posts here are about "Arin is an evil mastermind piece of shit", about "how Arin is the reason Suzy so annoying and why he such a terrible human being".

    The problem is that some players (majority?) prefer to train div/dunge/warbands skills/hunter by the daily D rather than the actual skill itself. This leads to a pressure on the player to log in everyday and spend one hour just going around doing D As opposed to log in and go do what you want to do (slaying, questing, woodcutting with an audiobook in the background, whatever). This hour is considered tiresome, exhausting, not fun, and causes burn out on the game.

    So the goal is to either eliminate the desire to do these D (nerf them) or make them not dailies that you do before you get to the rest of the game.work has started (but maybe it will be cancelled) on changing caches.So the goal is to either eliminate the desire to do these D (nerf them) or make them not dailies that you do before you get to the rest of the game.

    I remember a little while ago when Arin brought up the Spider Man play through on another series and one of the top comments of that thread was someone literally telling both Dan and Arin "Fuck you." followed with a heated rant about how Arin an asshole and how Danny enables Arin. Then any comment defending them and saying "maybe we shouldn be telling 2 internet entertainers who make free content for us to go fuck themselves" got brigaded and downvoted into oblivion.

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