New Quest Line for Dragon Master Evan for being Added in Upcomi

  • MapleStory players hungry for glory will embark on a fresh quest line inside upcoming addition of Dragon Master Evan to Nexon's hit MMO. The quest line focuses on the smoothness, Evan, with his fantastic or her dragon companion. The quests within the Dragon Master Evan storyline take players using a Maplestory M Mesos journey of growth and glory as being the inseparable pair work together to find out more about to be a duo and battle unrelenting monsters. After Evan's dragon companion hatches, a player's first quest will train them what dragons eat.

    As the smoothness levels up plus the dragon companion grows and learns more skills, the duo commence to battle fiendishly cute and evil monsters while helping people in need of funds. The quest line will continue to reveal more to do with the Evan character and also the dragon companion the way it takes on physical changes with each leveling milestone. Together, both the will take on new quests and move closer and better being the heroic duo they can be destined for being. Now more ways to buy bargain MapleStory M Mesos for sale, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.