[Poe 3.1 Build] Queenliness Wanderfinder - Shaper Down in Abyss

  • This Build was super straightforward and rapid. This Build at 1.eight mill DPS for POE Currency barrage according to POB. Build gear is much from the absolute best. However, the shaper and guardians are quick regardless. The setup above uses of shaper and maps except change my portal gem for Herald of Thunder for Shaper rather of Herald of Ice.
    This Build contains the right Synergy of Defense, Offense, and Movement Speed.
    + Speedy
    + Reputable
    + Almost everything Viable
    + Reflect Secure (without Vessel of Vinktar! But with Jade and Stibnite *duh!)
    + Properly Balanced or else entirely in relation to DPS/Def./Speed
    + Superior League Starter (requires right information of creating currency rapidly)
    + Level 100 Viable
    + HC Viable
    - Weak Single Target soon you get the Key Item's
    - Essential Items are expensive (Dying Sun, 6l Queen from your Forest)
    - You need Dying sun and 6 Link as early as you may
    - Pricey to your Endgame because you need T1 Life on each Item attainable (+1 Barrage Enchant)
    - From time to time also fast
    - Chromatic-Hungry ( Make use in the Jeweler Process for Coloring)
    - Not Idiot/ Noob Proof
    Study this build detail

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