December Big Spender Event: 12/15 – 12/31

  • Thursday, December 15 to Saturday, December 31

        Note: This event begins after the upkeep on December 15.
        This event will end on the following time:
            January 1 12:00 AM PST
            January 1 3:00 AM EST
            January 1 9:00 AM CET
            January 1 7:00 PM AEDT

    For a small time in December, spend your NX inside Cash Shop and earn extra Maple Reward Points!

    The more NX you spend through the event period, greater rewards you'll receive! Please observe that you will only receive some Maplestory M Mesos rewards determined by which spending tier you add in.

    The rewards are going to be given out in a very future maintenance, and you is going to be able to begin using them by clicking the gift box icon around the left side on the game window. Only one character per account can have the rewards.

    Spend 50,000 NX - 69,999 NX and receive:

        5,000 Maple Reward Points

    Spend 70,000 NX - 109,999 NX and receive:

        10,000 Maple Reward Points

    Spend 110,000 NX or higher and receive:

        15,000 Maple Reward Points

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