[Poe 3.2 Build] Echo crit-arc, Witch-Elementalist / Scion-Ascen

  • - This build may be played as sometimes a witch with all the Elementalist ascendancy OR Scion-Ascendant, picking Elementalist & Inquisitor ascendancy-attributes.
    - Access to your Scion class requires at the least one transparent up to your end of act 3 (rescue the Scion through the final room POE Currency just ahead of the final boss of act 3)
    - The build is very squishy if played as Witch (Scion has use of quite a couple of more health nodes), a wand + spirit shield as opposed to 2 wands could be beneficial for survivability.
    - Arc will not be available for the Scion until act 3, use spark (act 1) until Arc is available
    - Bandit Quest: Help Alira (crush other 2)
    - Stop Leveling CWDT at about level 10-12 (otherwise, it'll hardly ever proc)
    Pros & cons:
    Pros: Cheap, easy, beginner-friendly, mind over matter, pack clearing (speed & dmg)
    Cons: Very Simple, a tad short of boss dmg, Squishy
    - Central damage ability: Arc, based on spell echo, will be the core on the build and our main damaging spell. It's fantastic for clearing packs of mobs reliably & efficiently, Arc's damage is boosted by Controlled destruction support, Added lightning damage, increased critical strike support, Critical damage support (The reduced crit from controlled destruction is offset by the excess crit from increased crit strike support and crit nodes through the passive tree).
    - Secondary damage ability: Ball Lightning for boss fights (Arc isn't great single target dmg), sustained by Controlled Destruction support, Elemental focus support, Increased Crit damage support.
    - Auras: Our two main characters are Clarity (mana regen) and Blasphemy-Conductivity (+ lightning dmg & shock)
    - Movement: Lightning warps as our central movement ability as well as allow a simple get-away if getting overwhelmed/surrounded by mobs. Supported by: Lesser duration support & Faster casting support (gotta go FAST!)
    - Golems: Our first Golem is going to be the lightning golem, because with the lovely elemental damage buff it gives you us; Our second Golem will likely be the Stone Golem, for the little dose of added survivability when mapping. Minion life support supports golems.
    - Survivability: As with most builds, we are going to be taking advantage of Immortal Call & CWDT (Cast When Damage Taken), while using addition of molten shell & increased duration support. This provides us with very good survivability in the tight situation. We will even be taking Mind over Matter (quite ahead of time) in the passive skill-tree.
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