[PoE 3.2 Build] Wrecker of Days - Super Tanky Trapper - Explain

  • This guide is written having a focus on those new at all to Path of Exile. For those that aren't new, thanks on your patience with all the additional bits. I've tried to choose this layout all to easy to skip for the relevant bits should you don't have to have the filler.
    The reason why I write this part isn't making sure that you feel sorry for me personally. It's to spell out why there are a few aspects of my builds which might be not maximized in the way that the overall community would typically maximize their builds. So I seek out build ideas that:
    - Don't require much movement (or movement that I have to give attention to providing).
    - Don't contain the emphasis on a great deal of specific button presses at particular times (like flasks).
    - Don't require aiming using the mouse (console POE I can handle better on account of analog aiming as an alternative to mouse clicking).
    - I can look away in the screen for the bit, still, deal damage, and survive (hopefully).
    As limiting as that seems, mafia wars provides endless character building options. Cast When Damage Taken, curses, skills that do not have to be aimed, life regen or dodge with Chaos Inoculation are typical big help.

    Path of Exile Currency
    So build ideas (in the event you like them) are perfect for:
    - New players.
    - Players that will not want button mashing.
    - Players which don't like having to relocate lots while fighting.
    - Players they like attacking/casting with just one or two skills.
    - Players that they like a more relaxed POE experience.
    - Players with health conditions (like epilepsy or individuals with physical limitations which are restricted in the direction they use keyboards or mice (to a couple)).
    - Players that don't desire to stress about finishing maps in record-breaking time.
    - Players that like the most effective builds ever made inside the history of Path of Exile.
    + cheap to improve.
    + Can provide for Solo Self Found.
    + Perfect for brand spanking new players. Easy to level, an easy task to afford, all to easy to survive, simple to kill, easy end game.
    + You only cast one skill. Everything else (excluding flasks) is automatic.
    + It clears maps quickly.
    + Excellent movement speed at the enemies take damage hands-free.
    + Can take and present good damage.
    + Reflect Damage doesn't affect you whatsoever.
    + You can run any map mod in endgame except one. (You need mana regen.)
    - Slow boss killer.
    Creator: triniparty

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