MapleStory M dominates the charts inside a series of countries

  • MapleStory M, the strategic super-product of Nexon just landed in Vietnam market yesterday, 25/7/2018. If you need to do not may have learned, here is the mobile version of the PC game that is so popular in Vietnam before: MapleStory. With plenty of fans in the past, plus eye-catching graphics and fun-filled gameplay, MapleStory M instantly caught the attention from the mobile community.

    After in excess of 10 days of release, MapleStory M has quickly Maplestory M Mesos climbed to the top level of many charts. In particular, inside Game Role category, MapleStory M has the top spot in five countries and territories including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand or second devote Macau. Particularly in Vietnam, following first day of military excellence, the overall game is now firmly inside top six on the category Free Game Vai.

    As of now, MapleStory has surpassed 3 million total downloads. Following the success in this celebration, NEXON immediately launched a combination of events to celebrate and grateful to gamers. Specifically, all players who log into the overall game from August 1 to August 10 get free prizes for instance Kindergarten Pack, Orange EXP Bonus Tickets (fifteen minutes), 10 bottles, 300 MP Drugs 300 bottles of HP medicine (4.0) 300 vials, automatic loading tickets (a half-hour), 300 gold leaves ...

    In addition to your obvious figures of success, if you realise more about MapleStory M, you may realize that there will be something very special around the rate of men and women on this game, Girls games of the action seem unusual. In fact, this "abnormal" is very understandable, because MapleStory M own a great game, will not put heavy "plow hoe" with extremely cute graphics, bright. Obviously, these are generally the characteristics of an game that girls always need.

    In addition for the unusually large sum of female players, how much each character class inside game is rather understandable. MapleStory M has five characters, such as Dark Knight, the Pirate, the Dark Lord, the Goddess, along with the Bishop, which means five varieties of weapons: guns, guns, claws, bows and wands. Because you can find no classes of magicians, those who love to work with magic must choose pirates, the character using the greatest damage inside the game, and landed about 21% on the total. In addition, due for the increasing quantity of female players, the share of Bishops choosing to enhance, even surpassing the Dark Lord (utilizing the claw, just like the killer) to 3%.

    MapleStory M was officially launched on July 25, 1818, and is particularly currently one with the hottest games from the Vietnamese gaming community. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can Buy MS M Mesos from MMOAH with cheapest price.