POE 3.4 Templar Inquisitor Cyclone Build - Fast Clear Speed & I

  • "Truth is illusive, yet God has provided us with the tools required to find it."
    Inquisitors give attention to elemental damage. They can, among other things, are dedicated to critical POE Currency strikes, elemental penetration or buffing themselves with consecrated ground.
    In this build, you will employ Cycloneskills to quickly remove the map, Cyclone is surely an skill that initiates a spinning group of attacks as being the player travels to some target location and it'll no stopping whenever you move.
    Pros & Cons
    + Fast clear speed
    + Cyclone kills since you move, no stopping
    + Melee build, see their faces before they explode in gore
    + Immune to Stun and Elemental Ailments
    + No corpses forgotten to be raised/detonated
    + Decent health pool and regen
    - Melee build, gotta stand up close and personal
    - Min/max End game items can be very expensive
    - Requires one specific unique making SSF challenging to go full fire.
    - Not a SUPER fast map clearer
    Skill TreeAscendancy
    Passive Tree
    Skill Gems
    For Cyclone we'll start having a 4 link and progress up.
    Once you then have a five or six link you are able to choose to go 1 of 2 ways. Boosting Ignite for much more Pyre explosion fun or Using Elemental Focus for pure hard hitting elemental damage. Either way you'll run one on the 2 setups below. Later when you have two 6 link weapons you'll be able to run both. The ignite is wonderful for clearing along with the Ele Focus/Conc is amazing for bosses.
    Massive Fire dmg but no ignite
    If by using a Watcher's eye with physical to cold while impacted by Hatred this six link edges out your ignite setup above slightly.
    This is normally the basic aura setup
    The end version while having a physical/cold conversion Watcher's eye replaces Herald of Ash with Hatred.
    Pretty Standard, it is possible to link in Fortify if you would like to but I only rarely use Leap Slam while clearing myself.
    Choose an even that works for you to maintain Flame Golem if you can ,.
    Upto you should you use Bloodrage or otherwise not. You also can put it inside CWDT setup which works perfectly. You lose somewhat of damage however it isn't a massive loss.
    Gear Overview
    Enchants/CorruptionsHelmCyclone attack speed - Cyclone Damage - Ancestral Protector added attack speed or Ancestral Warchief added damage - Flammability increased effectWeapon+2 Range corruptionGlovesCommandment of ForceBootsAttack speed if killed recently is the better Lab enchant for 99% of things.AmuletAdditional Curse corruption. Used with either enfeeble for damage reduction or Ele weakness/Punishment to get more damage.Leveling TipsUse anything until cyclone is obtainable.Having Spirit void could make Cyclone feel much smoother but cyclone will still DEVOUR your mana at the beginning. If you don't think that chugging mana flasks using Mana Leech Support will solve it. If that you are having mana complications with Flammability/Herald of ash dropping you need to even things out. Lower damage however, not that big an offer over all.Later on you won't need Spirit void to sustain mana during single target cyclone. It is just helpful for leveling.Using Brute Force Solution jewel will take care of any Int problems you could have while leveling. Placing it from the socket right close to Golem's Blood will deliver 50 int + whatever is for the jewel.At lvl 51 We recommend collecting Terminus Est. The movement speed alone can certainly make everything just feel much better, plus it has a a lot of extra raw physical damage.At lvl 64 it will be easy to use Kondo's Pride or Hezmana's Bloodlust. Either ones are fine but Kondo's is much better damage wise. Using Hezmana's helps you save having to regret points at a later date.If you choose Hezmana's it is possible to then regret the Spirit void if you'd like to get back points. When you Buy POE Currency from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.