POE 3.4 Duelist Slayer Cyclone Build - Fast Speed & Easy League

  • "No judge. No jury. Just the executioner"
    The Slayer class is targeted on raw power and tweaking sustainability when they fight. They possess POE Currency bonuses alive leech and stun and passives for instance Bane of Legends provides them with an edge against tougher monsters.
    With bosses, drop totem and employ flasks+vaal haste when you are able to. As usual with Cyclone make certain to not lock yourself in to the animation each time a boss does something particularly nasty.
    Pro's & Con'sPros
    + Fast clear speed.
    + Easy League start and scales well since you gain currency.
    + Cyclone kills while you move, no stopping.
    + Frozen things can't hit you.
    + Melee build, see their frozen faces before they shatter.
    + Immune to Stun and Bleed.
    + 3c budget gets you farming maps.
    + No mirror tier or Headhunter required.
    + No corpses left behind for being raised/detonated.
    + Insane leech with VP and Slayer Ascendancy.
    - Melee build, gotta stand up close and personal
    - Min/max End game items will probably be expensive yet not unobtainable.
    - Requires one specific unique making SSF difficult to go full cold.
    - Not a face tank build, requires dodging mechanics(an experienced guitarist me personally)
    Skill TreeAscendancy
    Head towards Brutal Fervour first then Headsman.
    Kill All
    General Mapping
    Major: Soul of Lunaris. All from the additional mods are great to get when mapping.
    Minor: Soul of Ralakesh, Soul of Abberath, Soul of Garukhan are all beneficial to mapping. For Lab runs Soul of Ryslatha.
    Major: Soul of Solaris. All from the additional mods are perfect for fighting bosses.
    Minor: Soul of Garukhan, Soul of Yugul(with Asphyxia) for fights with cold damage, Soul of Abberath for fights with fire damage, Soul of Gruthkul(with Legius Garhall) for physical damage bosses.
    Passive Tree
    Gems SetupCyclone
    Standard Mapping
    Most things get frozen and shattered once we pass by and bosses melt.
    Four Link
    Five Link adds
    Maim more consistent dmg while Dmg on Full higher dmg 90% on the time. If using Kondo's Bleed Support also a choice.
    If you happen to be having survival issues whatsoever throw in Fortify for almost any other red support apart from Elemental Damage with attacks.
    Can use Faster Attacks before Hypo is accessible or Mana leech if experiencing difficulty.
    Max Freeze
    With this setup 99% of belongings you hit will freeze and after that shatter. Lower damage, definitely not good for bosses yet , fun to map with.
    Simple, hassle-free. When you receive Enlighten lvl 3 throw it in and also be done. Herald of Ice can even be used but Hatred + Frostbite wins out inside the end. Enfeeble also useful on bosses and grace at the same time if you wish to consider the hit on your damage.
    Nothing new here. If you happen to be Vaal Pact blood magic can nevertheless be used or you are able to put endurance on melee stun in. If you just aren't using Vaal Pack using blood magic enables you to leap forever.
    If that you are using Fortify within you Cyclone setup devote Endurance charge on melee stun support.
    This setup will permit your totem to become freezing essentially anything it hits. This is great for Abyssal Cracks and anything where monsters are pouring beyond portals(elder phase 2).
    Protector or Warchief is actually upto your individual preference. Protector maths over to more damage for you personally but it's virtually equal.
    Arctic Breath can be fantastic at spreading chilling ground though the -20 cold resist on frost bomb is valuable in almost every situation. Vortex and Shock Nova may also be useable.
    Golems are good, lightning specifically but at lower levels they die possibly at high levels you ought to cast yourself. Also when mapping mobs will avoid you together with instead go straight to your golem allowing you to double to kill them.
    Budget Options
    Again the only real item 'required' because of this build are Hrimsorrow or Hrimburn gloves. Every other slot might be rares and filled out while you earn currency.
    The main thing to keep in mind is in nearly every case more raw physical damage is superior to more elemental. Since we convert 90% of physical to cold and gain EXTRA cold damage determined by physical with hatred getting good physical damage goes quite a distance.
    Helmet: Cyclone attack speed - Cyclone Damage - Ancestral Protector added attack speed or Ancestral Warchief added damage - Frostbite increased effect
    Totem/Frostbite are about equal. Frostbite probably best around for leveling with Cyclone Attack Speed - Damage the finish goal.
    If you utilize a watcher's eye to accomplish 100% cold conversion, Frostbite enchant will outshine ed a cyclone enchtn.
    Weapon: +2 Range corruption
    Gloves: +1 socketed gems corruption for aura setup or Commandment of Force.
    Boots: Attack speed if killed recently could be the best Lab enchant for 99% of things. Any boss that does not pop adds out enough you may use a Writhing Jar.
    +1 Max frenzy corruption best overall but requires maintaining frenzy charges.
    Amulet: Additional Curse corruption. Used with either enfeeble for damage reduction or Ele weakness/Punishment for further damage.
    Leveling Tips
    Use anything you need until cyclone can be obtained.
    Having Spirit void could make Cyclone feel much smoother but cyclone will still DEVOUR your mana ahead of time. If you do not feel like chugging mana flasks using Mana Leech Support will solve it. If you're having mana complications with Hatred/Frosbite using Herald of Ice/Frostbite will leave you with an abundance of mana to not come to an end during single target cycloning. Lower damage however, not that big a deal over-all.
    Later on you might not need Spirit void to sustain mana during single target cyclone. It is definitely useful for leveling.
    Using Brute Force Solution jewel will take care of any Int problems you've while leveling. Placing it inside socket right alongside Golem's Blood will offer 50 int + whatever is within the jewel.
    At lvl 51 We highly recommend getting your hands on Terminus Est. The movement speed alone can make everything just feel great, also it's a a lot of open raw physical damage.
    At lvl 64 you is going to be able to utilize Kondo's Pride or Hezmana's Bloodlust. Either turn out fine but Kondo's is way better damage wise. Using Hezmana's helps you save having to regret points afterwards.
    If you decide on Hezmana's you may then regret the Spirit void if you wish to free up points.
    The first unique we purchase while mapping can be a Bronn's Lithe but Carcass Jack is usually a better choice in case you wish to become more defensive. Both are fantastic chests and offers us a nice all over damage boost. These let's focus around the more defensive passives each level while still doing great damage.
    Cannot Leech Maps can be a no-no
    As the build is often a 90% cold conversion assemble it means running elemental reflect maps technically isn't doable. However, really the only thing causing us to be elemental is a set of gloves and a couple of points.
    Regret 2 points
    Swap Rings and gloves
    Replace Hypothermia with faster attacks/culling/onslaught
    Replace EWD with Maim/Ruthless(whichever you're not using)
    Replace Hatred with Haste
    Replace Frostbite with Vuln

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