Path of Exile - How the “Stamp of Armageddon” Works

  • With the release about the league “Betrayal”, that may appear on the action / RPG Path of Exile after launching the patch 3.5.0, a different form of ability - “Stamp” - will likely be available to players. Therefore, whilst the developers still share various details across the eve inside release on the upcoming update, they have us to get POE Currency acquainted using the sort of skill - “The Brand of Armageddon”.

    So, after applying the skill, the opportunity is attached for that enemy, who had previously been closest for your character, followed by brings documented on his head meteorites, causing damage around the area and achieving the effect of arson. If to the same time the enemy dies, after that your stigma moves to a new target, and that is inside radius in their action.

    In addition, the studio Grinding Gear Games has prepared another specialized ability - “Return inside the stigma”, the naming which often speaks for itself. After with all the skill, all active skills in the type is likely to be transferred in your hero and can get an increased radius of attachment. The stone “Return from your stigma” just has six levels, but each provides an excellent bonus to the reload speed ability.

    Also, the developers will add on the tree of passive skills several new effects that will be well combined together while using new type of skills. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied POE Orbs from MMOAH with cheapest price.