What are 5 Useful Benefits of Cardboard Pencil Packaging?

  • What is Custom Pencil Packaging

    A pencil is an important part of the school and office stationery and all the school going kids begin their writing using lead pencils. They are sold in packets in which 10 or 20 pencils are packed in a cardboard box which protect them and provide ease of selling at the stationery.  The boxes are printed with colorful designs and images of pencils that portray the high quality of the product inside. Also, these printed boxes promote the stationery brand if the logo and company name is mentioned on them that help in making people brand loyal.

    Purpose of Packaging

    Custom Pencil Cardboard Boxes

    The purpose of packaging is to protect the quality of the pencils and to sell them in an effective manner. To make an impact of the product at the stationery stores, you have to display the product in a nice and sophisticated manner. This is why the pencil boxes are used as they have all the ingredients to fulfill the packaging needs of the manufacturers.  Furthermore, the boxes provide easy shipping the pencils to retailers and customers directly. They prevent them from damage and offer to pad during the rigors of shipping.

    The attraction of The Customers

    Pencil Boxes Wholesale

    In this era, the competition in selling stationery products have increased and every manufacturer uses different marketing techniques to make their product stand out from all other displayed at the store. Therefore, the custom pencil boxes are made with eye-catching colors and attractive add-ons that grab the attention of the customer and urge them to buy your product. More attractive the packaging will look, there are more chances that it generates sales. With exciting printing designs, customization of boxes allows you to add eye-grabbing images and features that attract kids. This will in return increase the sales by highlighting product appeal.

    Facilitates Purchase Decision

    When the customers are confused with which type of pencil they need, the information on the packaging helps them to get which they want. As there are different types of lead pencils manufactured, the pencil box has the information mentioned. This helps the buyer in making the decision of which type of packaging he/she wants. Also, the exact images of the pencil packed inside to show them what they are going to buy without opening the box. Plus the quantity of the pencils is also written on the customized pencil boxes to keep the customers well informed.

    Easy to Carry Product

    Custom Pencil Boxes

    Without the packaging boxes, it gets very difficult to carry a different quantity of pencils at once. No one can imagine carrying 20 pencils without the boxes, hence the packaging is a necessary component for keeping the pencils organized and protected. With customization, you can add a hanging tab on the top of the boxes to help the retailer hang them on the store. This will also help in displaying the pencils effectively as it will get customer attention at once on the stationery store and ultimately increase sales.

    Promotion of the Brand

    Custom Cardboard Pencil Box

    As discussed earlier, the customization allows you to print your brand logo and company name on the boxes, hence the boxes make it easy to promote the brand among the kids. These boxes can be a perfect marketing tool for your pencils as it imprints an impression on the customers for the brand and company. These promotional boxes are made especially with finishing options like matte, gloss, lamination and aqueous coating which make the boxes look shinier and more attractive. Spot UV on text and foiling also makes the boxes look unique and attractive as compared to the other brands at the store.