We Offer Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes with High-Quality

  • BoxesMe offers tray and sleeves boxes in customized shape and design in accordance with the client's demand. We use premium materials to create Custom tray and sleeve boxes. Top quality Kraft, cardboard and the corrugated stock keeps the box compact and light while offering highest durability and security to products. Before dispatching the boxes to clients our quality control department ensures that boxes are of standard quality. The tray of boxes can be modified as per the product's requirements and the external sleeve provides maximum protection and can be made attractive by using various printing techniques and embellishments. These boxes are ideal for delivering delicate and fragile items. Our superior quality boxes ensure maximum protection of packed products. We provide numerous finishing options to personalize these superb quality boxes.

    Custom Printed Tray and Sleeve Boxes Available

    Tray & Sleeve Boxes

    Our tray and sleeve boxes are designed to add glam to your products. Boxes can be customized for a particular occasion or product.  We know the importance of individuality in any business, therefore, we offer complete customization of boxes. From material to finishing style everything can be modified as per your requirements. Our skilled designers use latest and modern printing and die cutting equipment to offer you infinite options for customization of boxes. Just tell us your requirements and our professionals will come up with a box that will exceed your expectations. Our genuinely unique boxes will make your product worth noticing for your targeted market.

    Custom Tray And Sleeve Boxes for your Electronic Items

    Custom Tray and Sleeve Packaging

    A small jerk or accidental collision can destroy the machinery of any electronic item. Custom tray and sleeve boxes are a blessing for electronic products manufacturers. Our high-quality boxes will keep your electronic items safe from human hampering and environmental tempering. Custom boxes Wholesale can be printed in your desired way to add style to your electronic item and make it worth buying. You can add logos and other relevant information on boxes to create an identity for your electronic items in the market. Apart from providing exceptional support and protection to your electronic products custom tray and sleeve box are great for advertising your brand and its products.

    Buy custom Tray And Sleeve Box Online

    Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

    Why waste your time and energy by visiting box manufacturing companies when BoxesMe is offering online services for custom box orders. Just select your desired style or tell us about your dream boxes and we will come up with boxes that will turn your dream box into a physical tangible box. Before printing your boxes we will send you 2D and 3D samples of your boxes and once you will approve them we will start the manufacturing of your boxes. Placing the order online for a box will not only save your time and energy but will also save your fuel and transportation cost.

    Custom tray and sleeve box is ideal for packaging

    Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes Wholesale

    Custom tray and sleeve boxes are perfect for storing and delivering fragile items. These boxes are called the greatest blessing for businesses and retail brands. Regardless of what type of item you want to pack these boxes will offer extra protection to the products. These boxes add style to your products and make the items worth spending the money. You can modify these boxes the way you want. Their exquisite appeal and premium quality have made these boxes popular among retailers and high-end manufacturers. Apart from the packaging of products these boxes are also great for promotion. The sliding tray of these boxes makes them meritorious for retail products packaging. Many high-end brands use tray and sleeve boxes to present their luxury merchandise to customers. Get your signature sleeve boxes from BoxesMe to earn a competitive advantage in the market.