Paper Cigarette Boxes NYC

  • Cigarettes are very fragile and breakable but every smoker wants to keep them in their pockets to have instant access anytime. Due to this, special paper cigarette boxes are used that protect the quality of the cigarettes and can be kept inside pocket easily. These boxes are also perfect for keeping the tobacco fresh and fit in number of cigarettes easily inside. To make the best paper cigarette boxes, following things should be kept in mind.

    • The size of the boxes should be accommodating enough to keep the required amount of cigarettes.
    • The box should be sealed from the bottom and must be protective enough to prevent the cigarettes from any damage.
    • The material used in the making of paper cigarette boxes should be of high quality and durable enough to bear the rigors of shipping.
    • The boxes should be printed with obligatory government messages so that it met all the packaging standards approved by government of United Sates.
    • The brand logo and marketing content must also be printed at the place so that the box can be used for promoting the brand.
    • The color combination and scheme must also be eye-catching and attractive to get attention of the smokers.
    • For medicated cigarettes, all the ingredients must be mentioned so that customer can read the information easily.

    Importance of using Right Material for Paper Cigarette Boxes

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    High strength material for the manufacturing of boxes for cigarettes plays an important role in reflecting the high quality. Also the cigarettes are displayed in the tobacco stores and in the dispensaries and for them the boxes should be able to bear all the conditions. These paper cigarette boxes are also shipped through long distances and only the high strength material can safely transport them. Special cardboard is used for the manufacturing of paper cigarette boxes which is easy to print and laminate. This special paperboard is shaped into box using special die cut techniques and then printed with full color printing to make a finished cigarette box.

    BoxesMe the Best Choice for getting High Quality Cigarette boxes

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    If you are looking to find the best paper cigarette boxes manufacturers, then you should choose BoxesMe. We have a team of experienced designers and agents who provide you all the customization options you want for the cigarette boxes. Our designers let you have the best boxes according to the dimensions and printing design you want. We believe in providing quality services to all our customers and for that our quality assurance team makes sure that each box we manufacture is made according to the dimensions you want. Also you can tell us about the material you want and content to print.

    Buy Cigarette Boxes Online and Get Special Discounts from US

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    After selecting the material and printing design, you will also be given the control of choosing the style of the box. Whether you want a flip top design for 20 cigarette box or a smaller size to keep your medicated pre rolls and cannabis cigarettes, we will provide all you want within minimum turnaround time. We also provide free design support for you so that you can easily select the design for paper cigarette boxes without bothering about the cost. You can order us any quantity of the boxes you want as we have no limit of accepting orders for the cigarette boxes.  Not only that, we provide you free shipping of the cigarette boxes at your doorstep to save your hassle. Allow us to make the best boxes for you by ordering us now as we have a very easy to order process.