The game is still enjoyable DK Online Florins but I refuse to

  • The game is still enjoyable DK Online Florins but I refuse to play a game which gimps my money, bank, stock slots, etc and basically forces me to pay a sub for a so called"free to play" game in order to have a hassle free experience. Not to mention, the more loot boxes which reward you with items that provide you accomplishment points for fashion collections, which are used to create your toon stronger... I played this game for 7 decades straight from the start, the way that they nickle and dime that the players is disgusting and its a pity, because at it's heart DC Universe Online is one of the greatest mmos around. ?.lol. Marvel is doing better at the films right than DC Universe


    Online but literally every other moderate, games, TV, animation, comics etc DC Universe Online is murdering Marvel. Fact. I believe that's true that something like that or Injustice cinamatic sequences would cost an arm and a leg lol but that looks fairly photorealistic enough that I mean for animation/CGI this looks amazing but you are right the budget would be crazy, I'm convinced WB could afford it but now they're into the live movies, so many shows, Injustice two coming won't happen lol? .


    For everybody saying"Superman could easily beat everyone""Flash is fast enough to prevent black adam" Take in mind this was a long war happening Superman was recharging energy from the sun and look at Flash's suit it had taken a serious beating. Additionally nobody else was about because either 1 they where dead or two resting


    even in the beginning you can also see Ivy and Green Arrow dead, and simply to calm you guys cheap DKO Florins saying"flash is fast" at the full match DLC 2 Lighting Strikes, and Dlc 7 Origin Crisis, Flash(hero's) and Zoom(Villains) Both run on a treadmill to permit a group of players to return in time and prevent future Batman or potential Lex depends on faction) to prevent from shifting time line. ?


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