How to Fix "Computer Keeps Freezing"

  • Have you ever met the "computer keeps freezing" error on your windows? Computer keeps freezing is a fairly common problem. In fact, as your computer is frozen, the operating system has become inundated with application requests resulting in the computer locking up before it’s able to present you with an error message. Generally, it does not mean that computer is broken, but rather that processor encountered an overload that cannot be handled. It can be a very frustrating experience, especially when you aree working on something but don't have time to save them.

    The main reasons for "computer keeps freezing"
    1. Overheating

    If the temperature of your system processor is higher than usual, your computer may freeze. To avoid this, please make sure that your computer’s vents are not blocked. And the CPU is the greatest concern as it is extremely sensitive and integral to the functionality of the computer. It cannot withstand temperatures over its threshold for too long.

    2. Driver Corruption or Errors

    Drivers are pieces of software that allow hardware devices to communicate with other hardware devices and the operating system. However, hardware failure can cause a system freeze. Drivers being constantly used by the computer system causes a high risk for failure. The best thing you can do for your drivers is to update them to the most current version.

    3. Too many programs on computer are opened

    Each program on your computer needs some internal and hardware resources to keep it running. If multiple programs are running at the same time, your computer will start to freeze because memory is used by a number of programs.
    In this situation, you should right-click Task Manager, choose Task Manager, click the Processes, find the program that is frozen and click End Task. It is recommended to run programs you need only.

    4. Faulty external devices

    Faulty USB or other external devices including the mouse and keyboard connected to the system can cause computer freezes. You can try connecting one device at a time to try or updating the device drivers to fix this problem.

    5. Computer viruses

    Sometimes computer freezing is a sign of your system being infected with the virus. It is recommended to perform an antivirus check regularly and make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date.

    6. Corrupted or missing system files

    In addition to the above-stated reasons, many other reasons like insufficient RAM, third-party software errors, broken memory card, low disk space, etc. can cause computer freezing.

    If you encounter data loss due to the above-mentioned computer freeze reasons, you should backup or restore the data on the drive first. You can recover maximum possible data via the best file recovery software –Bitwar Data Recovery. It supports to restore lost data due to deletion, formatting, virus attacking, system crash or other unknown reasons under Windows 10/8/7 etc.

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