How to Recover Raw Partition Without Losing Data for Free?

  • How to recover raw partition without losing data for free is a quite concerned question among our users. and What is raw partition on Windows 7/8/10 and what causes the issue?
    Generally, the common Windows file system we are knowing is exFAT, FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS, and then other unknown file system will be marked as RAW,  that is so say, RAW isn't a file system but an error of a partition on a hard disk or any other data storage device.

    If you have tried to formatted the disk or external devices while received an error that the disk couldn't be formatted successfully or you have encrypted the partition by third-partition partition software before, the partition may turned to RAW partition as well.

    Still, there are other common RAW partition error causes:

    1. Reading error or bad blocks in large number were found.
    2. Virus or Trojan infection.
    3. External Device's firmware corrupted.
    4. Bad file structures.
    5. Upgrade to Windows 10 may rarely cause RAW file system.
    When will you know the partition turns to RAW partition?
    If you try to open a partition and suddenly have such Windows appeared, that means your partition is now inaccessible and turns into RAW partition, you can right click the partition and select Properties to check the type of file system.

    It shows your partition is RAW partition in file system section and even shows 0 bytes in Used space or Free space section of your local disk.

    Also, you can find the partition status in Disk Management with following information:

    What's worse, you cannot open the partition to access your precious data and even you may receive a prompt: You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Will you really try to format it? I hope no, and here' why we are willing to tell about how to recover RAW partition without losing data for free.
    How to recover RAW partition without losing data for free with Bitwar Data Recovery?
    As the Raw partition still contains our precious data, that's the truth you have to know and don't even try to format the RAW partition, otherwise you will lose your data forever!

    And now we are going to retrieve data from RAW partition, we can rely on Bitwar Data Recovery Software that is helpful for us to recover data from RAW partition. You can download the software and follow the tips to get 30-days free trial license in the software.

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