Four factors of galvanized steel coil cracking

  • Galvanized steel coil this is a very wide range of applications, in enterprises, home appliances, construction, mechanical and electrical fields can be seen it. The galvanized steel coil is divided into hot dip galvanized steel coil and electric galvanized these two kinds, then let China galvanized steel coil supplier to tell you the following four factors that cause galvanized steel coil cracking, the details are as follows:

    1. Annealing temperature
    The annealing temperature is an important process parameter in the galvanizing process. When the annealing temperature is low, the annealing is insufficient, with fine grain, high strength, and low elongation. Too high annealing temperature will easily lead to unusually large grain size, and the yield strength decreases while the tensile strength decreases more severely. Products are prone to direct fracture in the process of stamping and drawing

    2. Processing lubrication
    The surface roughness of the material will affect the oil storage capacity of the surface. At the same time, the selection of the amount of oil is very important, the amount of oil is too little, the material in the stamping process did not get enough lubrication, will lead to material stamping cracking; If the amount of oil applied is too much, it will slip easily in the process of splicing and forming, which will affect the production rhythm.

    3. Material thickness and mold clearance
    The matching of die gap and material thickness is also an important factor leading to material cracking.

    4. Control of inclusions and other defects
    The defects such as inclusion and foreign body pressing are very unfavorable to the stamping forming of stamping products. Due to the insufficient local elongation of the inclusion part, stamping and tensile cracking are easy to occur.