Prepainted Color Galvanized Coil Notes

  • China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil: it selects, introduces and absorbs the world's most advanced coatings, substrates and production processes for the ultra-long weather resistance required by this product. The use of professional technology to produce more than 30 years of the service life of ultra-high life, and at the same time has excellent edge cutting protection products.
    The specific color chroma value and coating weight are finally confirmed by the design institute and the project leader.
    Suggestions for the substrate of the color steel coil:
    1. Thickness: layer 1.0mm-0.8mm, wall 0.8mm-0.6mm, internal wall 0.6mm-0.5mm;
    2. Zinc layer weight: Z18 -- 180g of zinc layer per square meter (both sides);
    Z27 -- the weight of the zinc layer is 275g (both sides) per side.
    1. "warranty life" refers to the surface coating life of the product; "Service life" means the guaranteed service life of the product.
    2. Due to the long warranty life of the recommended products, the prepainted color galvanized coil must choose natural inorganic pigments, and the color variety is the class A color variety in the specified color card.
    China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil from the quality of the substrate, the choice of coating performance, or the weight of the zinc layer and paint film thickness is the master of color coating technology. Ordinary prepainted color galvanized coil in such as the polar circle, rain forest desert, coastal factories, and other high humidity and high decay environment can not let the color galvanized coil performance get perfect play, especially the weather resistance and corrosion resistance has been greatly tested. In order to meet the demanding requirements of customers in these special areas, Hengze color galvanized coil business unit, after years of research and development, has developed the use of natural inorganic pigments, superior corrosion resistance, long service life, warranty years is far more than similar products.