Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet Room

  • The low cost Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet is a new type of temporary building material, has the advantages of scalable, easy to tear open outfit, can factory integrated production, on-site assembly building, one of the most obvious characteristics is convenient and quick assembly and disassembly, disassembled, small volume, convenient transportation and storage, can be repeatedly used, low requirement to the venue, infrastructure is simple, and is widely used in the field of civil and military, etc.

    Features of galvalume corrugated roofing sheet room:

    1. Adopt non-reported consumption fraud connection mode, less scattered parts, housing frame adopts folding structure, quick disassembly, and assembly,

    2. Standard interchangeable structural parts can be used to build houses with different usable areas and purposes;

    3. Over 10 years of normal service life.

    Aluminum alloy structure has attracted more and more attention in the construction industry due to its advantages of easy processing, low reprocessing cost, high reutilization rate, and resource saving.

    The galvalume corrugated roofing sheet room house can be used in the highland, cold and snow in the west of China. It can be used in the field office, command post, housing, and warehouse.