What are the types of galvanized sheet/coil

  • A. Plate
    According to the different thickness of GI steel coil with spangles in stock can be divided into thin steel plate, thick steel plate and extra thick steel plate three kinds, the role of a lot of steel plate, can be used as roof plate, packing box, car shell and various mechanical parts, but also for bending, increase the scope of use.

    B. Plate coils
    1. Hot-rolled coil is a steel plate made by heating a steel billet. The thickness of hot-rolled steel plate is between 2mm and 13.5mm after processing in each link.

    2. The raw material of high quality cold rolled steel coil china is the same as that of the hot-rolled coil. The knowledge processing process is different.

    3. galvanized steel sheet roll as the name suggests is the surface of the steel plate coated with a layer of metal zinc material, the purpose of this is mainly to prevent the surface of the steel plate is corroded, and to increase its service life. Galvanized coil according to the different processing methods can be divided into hot dip galvanized steel sheet, alloy galvanized steel sheet, electric galvanized steel sheet, printing coating galvanized steel sheet, single-sided plating and double-sided difference galvanized steel sheet, alloy, composite galvanized steel sheet, color galvanized steel sheet, PVC laminated galvanized steel sheet.

    4. color coated sheet roll is galvanized sheet roll as the base material, repeated spray coating on galvanized sheet, and then after a complex processing process. The color of this kind of board roll is very much, more commonly used have yellow, blue, red and tooth white. Because the price is relatively moderate, it is widely used as a wall and roof.

    What are the disadvantages of hot dip galvanized steel coil
    The function of hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale is very many, but also has its shortcomings, mainly include: easy to fall off, easy scratch during construction, zinc particles, air knife striations, exposed steel, mechanical damage, wave edge, size, poor performance of steel base, roller printing.

    There are many reasons that may cause the zinc coating to fall off, including surface oxidation, cold binding emulsion is too dirty, protective gas dew point is too high, low hydrogen flow and oil evaporation and so on, so in the purchase is to be sure to observe the surface of galvanized steel is complete.